U.S. Dollar (USD) vs Samoa Tala (WST), todays exchange rate

This page is the U.S. Dollar, code USD, versus Samoa Tala, code WST exchange rate page. Information provided includes the current exchange rate and todays lowest or minimum and highest or maximum values. Information is presented in tabular and graphic format.

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U.S. Dollar to Samoa Tala Exchange Rate

The buy currency is the U.S. Dollar.
(view the exchange rates summary grid for the U.S. Dollar or get another currency)
The sell currency is the Samoa Tala.
(view the exchange rates summary grid for the Samoa Tala or get another currency)

Latest exchange rates, based on 1000 units of currency

1000 U.S. Dollar is worth 2445 Samoa Tala 28 November 2014 11:53pm EDT
1000 Samoa Tala is worth 408.9 U.S. Dollar 28 November 2014 11:53pm EDT
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Today's exchange rate: graph, chart (change to Samoa Tala vs U.S. Dollar)

Latest bid 2.416 FOREX latest exchange rates, U.S. Dollar vs Samoa Tala
Latest ask 2.475
Latest price 2.445
Maximum price 0.0000
Minimum price 0.0000

Historic Exchange Rates: U.S. Dollar vs Samoa Tala

7 day historical period: graph, chart (change to 1 day  14 day  30 day  90 day  period)

Average bid 0.0000 7 day FOREX hostorical graph, U.S. Dollar vs Samoa Tala
Average ask 0.0000
Latest price 0.0000
Maximum price 0.0000
Minimum price 0.0000

7 day historical period: tabular (change to 1 day  14 day  30 day  90 day  period)

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